Old Year

look for this sign to your winning ticket!

For the Dutch it’s “Oudejaarsnacht”, or “old year’s night”, and it’s an excuse to party, there is a big music stage already set up on Museumplein ready for tonight’s party. I’m not sure I’ll be so energetic – it’ll be below zero so I’m not planning to go outside for long.

My plans are simpler; dinner with friends, champagne, then out to walk around the Jordaan and watch the locals set off fireworks at midnight.

In keeping with Dutch tradition I’ve also bought a ticket in the staatslotterij, which has a pool of 27.5 million euro. Tax free!

To be clear, I’m not a gambler, this is an annual tradition for me and it means I get few days of fantasising of all the good things I could do and fun I could have… the tickets are 30 euro so it’s not quite “dreams are free”. I’ll let you know if I win.

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