Political Graffiti

I knew Wilders wasn’t popular – but I didn’t realise it had got this bad!

Wilders goes on trial today for inciting “Insulting Muslims as a group, inciting hatred and discrimination against Muslims because of their religion, and inciting hatred and discrimination against non-western immigrants and/or Moroccans because of their race.”

It’s a controversial trial, those who are pro-Wilders refer to him as a proponent of free speech and a freedom fighter. I’m not pro-Wilders, I agree there are cross-cultural issues between the local cultures in Europe and migrant groups. But I don’t think the answer is banning the burka or banning the Qur’an. I also don’t think dual nationality is a big deal – lots of countries allow it and manage to flourish without losing a sense of identity.

As an Member of Parliament Wilders has taken an oath to uphold the constitution, the actual words according to TweedeKamer.nl are;

Ik zweer (beloof) trouw aan de Koningin, aan het Statuut voor het Koninkrijk en aan de Grondwet (I swear loyalty to the Queen, to the law of the Kingdom and the constitution translation: mine)

Wilders isn’t stupid, I’m sure he’s hired the best legal advice to make sure he was within the law, but at the very least he has not upheld the constitution of the Netherlands which states

Everyone shall have the right to manifest freely his religion or belief, either individually or in community with others, without prejudice to his responsibility under the law.

Yet he continues to hold a seat as a Member of Parliament in the Netherlands.

(Note; although I do not condone Mr Wilders’ actions, nor do I agree with his opinions, I also cannot condone violence against him. I am not the artist of the graffiti in the photo.)


2 thoughts on “Political Graffiti

  1. Wilders has made me rethink my whole concept of freedom of speech. In the US, the concept gets bandied about so much that you stop really thinking about what it entails. Then I moved here and came up against the concept that is Wilders and suddenly I had to think much more carefully about it all.

    I think by using his position as a politician to speak so negatively about large groups of people, he’s abusing both his political position and his freedom of speech. I don’t like him or his political positions and hope that this trial doesn’t turn him into a sympathy figure for those who do support him. I’d like to see the PVV lose more ground, rather than gain it.

    • Agree Alison, and I hope it’s not a long drawn out court case that the state then loses which would just shore up his support.

      I think it was Satre who said that you can hold a freedom up until the point that it damages another person’s freedom. If you apply that to freedom of speech I think you end up allowing it up to the point where you are promoting hate towards another group, or defaming a person (or group). I think Wilders is there, I find him abhorrent.

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