You may have heard, there’s a volcanic eruption that’s halted almost all air travel across Europe. The hundreds of passengers stranded at Schiphol have been doing their best to entertain themselves – as this video from Schiphol TV shows.

Night Four at Schiphol

Night Four at Schiphol

I’m sure not all passengers are as happy as the ones shown but I think it’s interesting to see some people’s attitude to what must be a bit of an ordeal – by the end of the movie I almost wished I was there. Almost.

(I did try to embed the video but couldn’t, using Vodpod only gave me the latest video not the one I was looking for. I have asked Schiphol tv for their help – but if anyone has any bright ideas please let me know in the comments below.)

2 thoughts on “Stuck

  1. I know, good attitude!

    Flights started tonight so hopefully the people will soon be wherever they were planning to be.

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