Rubbish Day

The city is a dump at the moment, with piles of rubbish on every corner, due to a strike by the city’s street cleaners and rubbish collectors.

Officially you’re not supposed to put rubbish out when it won’t be collected, and you can be fined. But it’s more than a week now so it’s not really possible for businesses, or families, to store that much rubbish. Normally you can get fined for leaving your rubbish out at the wrong time – they’ll look through your rubbish and find something with your address on it and I think the fine is around 60 euro.

The city council’s FAQ asks that you don’t put out bags of rubbish, but says they’ll be flexible about the fines. Nice. But I found out the real story on Friday. I met someone who move house last week, so he had to empty the apartment. He called the city council for advice since in theory he shouldn’t put out rubbish knowing it won’t be collected. The person he spoke to was very understanding and said to put it out at the corner of the road where it wouldn’t be in the way.

“But I won’t get a fine?” he queried

“No, to tell you the truth the people who give out fines are also on strike” was the answer.

As the rubbish has piled up I’m just glad the temperatures have stayed low.

An agreement was reached on Friday and some clear up began on Saturday, given the amount of rubbish around the city I expect it to take some days to collect it all and clean up the city.


3 thoughts on “Rubbish Day

  1. I had friends come in from the States that week to photograph Amsterdam. I was so embarrased they saw the city this way. There is trash in every one of their photos.

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