Sunday at the Concertgebouw

There are 1 hour concerts on Sunday mornings at the Concertgebouw – who knew?

Lots of people obviously as the concerts are frequently sold out.

I was at a full length evening concert with some friends a while ago, and at the half-way break I’d had enough and I started thinking it would be cool if they’d have shorter concerts and split the audience so at the pause a new audience came in for the second half.  Or at least find a way to have shorter concerts.

Then I discovered the Sunday morning concerts, they start at 11 and finish at around 12, all sorts of composers/ orchestras/ styles are represented so you’re very likely to find something you like. If you’ve never been into classical music this could be an easy way to try a live concert.

One of the reasons I love going to concerts is to watch the orchestra, each one has their own style. At one concert the audience was into the standing ovation and there was a weird drumming sound, I couldn’t work out what it was for a second. It was the musicians themselves drumming their feet on the wooden stage, to call the conductor and soloist back to take another bow.

Tickets are 19 euro (or 10 if you qualify for student or old age discounts). You can book tickets online, and have them sent to your home address, be warned, some tickets sell out fast.


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