From Racist to Ridiculous

Various Dutch MPs, presumably reflecting the view of Dutch voters, periodically try to ban the Burka.

I’m no fan of the Burka as I’ve written before, however the Dutch constitution guarantees freedom of religion. Which to me means that if a woman follows Islam, and believes she should wear a burka as part of that religion she should be able to choose to wear it. Yes, I know, sometimes it is not her choice but a rule enforced by her male relatives, this is an argument used by proponents of banning the burka to position removing her right to choose what to wear as feminist. I would say that forcing her to abandon the burka is not freeing her from domination by her father or husband.

But this week the plans to ban the burka have taken a madly Politically Correct turn;

‘I am drafting legislation on face-covering clothing which will apply to all Dutch nationals,’ the minister is quoted as saying in the Telegraaf.

‘We still have to decide how far we will go to deal with motorbike helments (sic), carnival costumes and balaclavas during the Elfstentocht [skating race],’ the minister said.

So in order to maintain some veil of fairness the government is banning all face coverings including masks worn at parties, motorbike helmets and balaclavas in winter sports.

Do they realise how completely ridiculous this is getting? Or is this an attempt to make the legislation so absurd that it will never be passed.

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