So you’ve written a book

You can now publish it in about 12 minutes at ABC in either Amsterdam or Den Haag. The technology is called “The Espresso Book Machine” I guess because it hisses and whirs and in a short time produces what you asked for. You can see it in action here.

Of course you can get other books printed – you don’t have to write your own. There are more than 3 million books that are public domain – either off-copyright and a selection of books where authors have granted the rights to the Espresso Book Machine Database. You can search for available works.

If the book is already in the database it’s a relatively simple process, select the book via a computer screen, press go; the machine prints a glossy colour paperback cover, all the content pages (currently only in black and white), glues it, binds it, trims it.

Hey presto! 12 minutes later your book appears!

The book shown here is “Travels with Greely” by Andy Baker, based on his travels in Europe in 2002. It is a “self-published” book, but as it has an ISBN number and is in the Espresso Book Machine database it can be purchased.

It was exciting to see the book literally “hot of the press” I think it would be infinitely more exciting if it were my name on the cover.


2 thoughts on “So you’ve written a book

  1. You should – write your own book I mean.

    You’ve got lots of content on your blog already and I’d love to see the illustrations you could come up with.

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