World Press Photo Exhibition

I went to the World Press Photo exhibition in the Oudekerk today.

It always feels like walking through the worst news of the year. This year has been incredibly busy in terms of international news so it was strange to walk through the news of 2010. The winning photo is a shocking portrait of a young Afghani woman disfigured by her Taliban-based in-laws. In it she stares steadily at the camera.

Other photos document the horrors of the Haiti earthquake, and the desperation of flood victims in Pakistan, reminders of gang war in Mexico, and the Thai redshirt protests.

The exhibition always leaves me feeling frustrated that basic rights aren’t universal, that humans haven’t yet figured out how to live together, and with a lasting admiration for the men and women who take these compelling photos.

I walked out of the dark, somber church in to bright sunshine and a gentle breeze. But some of the images have stayed with me. It’s an exhibition worth seeing.

The exhibition is on in Amsterdam until 19 June.



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