It’s back!

The Opstapper has been re-invented as the Amsterdam City Centre Line.

I spotted on last week in the distance but couldn’t be sure it was really a service yet.

But it’s back, with a slightly changed route, a more limited schedule and a higher price.

It still runs right along the Prinsengracht, but there area a couple of detours, and the route in the area of Central Station has changed. It’s only running every half an hour (I think it used to be every 20 minutes?). The price is now 2 euro for a single trip or 6 euro for a day pass.

There is bad news the GVB pass no longer works. In even worse news, it no longer stops on request but has regular stops, so you’ll have to plan a little.

However I will try to support it, and hope that the service grows with good use.

For all the official information and a map you can download they’ve created a website.


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