Yesterday there were announcements on every loudspeaker in every station I went to (which was 4, not counting transit) announcing that there will be a public transport strike on Sunday – no buses, no trams. It’s to protest the government’s cost-cutting plans for public transport systems. We’ve had strikes before but never on a Sunday, which is logical since a Sunday strike will affect fewer people and disrupt their leisure time more than their work time.

So I couldn’t figure out why it would be on a Sunday this time, until I saw this notification at Amsterdam Central station. The strike will disrupt the opening of the new entrance to the metro station, the entrance that is part of the project to build the “Noord/Zuidlijn” the new metro line that will run directly from the North to the South of Amsterdam. You can see the progress made on this project on this website (in Dutch only).

Just for fun I snuck a photo of the new station. It’ll never look this clean again.


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