World Aids Day

Today is World Aids Day, a day dedicated to commemorating those who have died, and acknowledging the progress made in treating the disease. There have been vigils, community outreach, promotions and all sorts across the world.

Of course there have also been activities in Amsterdam, a city sometimes cited as the “gay capital of the world”. Before anyone shouts that AIDs is not a gay disease, I know, however it’s a disease that initially had a high impact in gay circles, and may still have a higher impact there than in the straight community in western countries.

So of course Amsterdam had to do something special, some thing big… they did, they put a condom on the Munttoren, a 35m condom. It got photo of the day in one of the city’s newspapers Het Parool.

You can also see the official er, unrolling on youtube, along with interviews with young men talking about their first time and their experience with condoms. Gotta love the open nature of Dutch culture!

image from the World Aids Day website/presskit


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