If you’ve had issues with someone from Limburg there is now a website where you can report it.

Limburg has been part of the Netherlands since 1866, allowing workers from to travel freely from Limburg to the other eleven provinces. Many Limburgers now live amongst the rest of the population.

The site goes on to invite visitors to submit their complaints about “Limbos”, whether you’ve lost a job to one, or been subject to their drunken antics. So far there have been hundreds of submissions.

No there isn’t a sudden prejudice against the most southern province – well, no more than usual. The site is a parody of the latest bit of offensive publicity seeking from PVV.

It’s hard to believe; The Freedom Party have set up a hotline site where you can submit complaints about people from middle and eastern Europe. They claim to have had 32,000 responses so far.

So why does the parody site use Limburg? Geert Wilders was born in Venlo, a town in Limburg. So if he’s the Limburger who has caused problems for you, you can now report him.


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