Old and New; The Stedelijk Museum re-opens

The Stedelijk Museum opened its doors this weekend, it was officially opened by Queen Beatrix. The museum has been under renovation for years, while a new wing was built. The new wing is very modern in style and is already being called the “bathtub”.

The museum’s website is in English, but appears to be translated by amateurs who leave the Dutch words in the sentence if they don’t know what they mean. On the English site it states that the Queen opened with the blikopeners the new Stedelijk Museum. A ‘blikopener’ is a can opener according to Van Dale, I suppose it’s possible but I find it a bit hard to imagine that’s really what the Queen used in the opening ceremony.

According to reports on twitter, more than 4500 people visited the museum on opening day – I wasn’t one of them, I will visit it next week, I’m very curious to see the bathtub from the inside.

Meanwhile the doors of the Van Gogh museum have closed for a renovation. They’re due to re-open on the 25th of April 2013. From next weekend the collection will be temporarily displayed at the Hermitage Museum.


2 thoughts on “Old and New; The Stedelijk Museum re-opens

  1. Thanks for the explanation!

    I’ve been here for years and I didn’t know that… and I asked two Dutch colleagues who work in the Art field about the sentence and they didn’t make that connection.

    So I think my point still stands – the sentence does not make sense in English.

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