My Market is Famous

There was a film crew in the market, an Italian film crew. They were filming the market and doing “man in the street” interviews.

They’re asking this nice Dutch man about whether he shops in the market every week, and whether the economic climate means he shops more in the market. It was quite complicated, the Italian reporter would ask the question in Italian, an interpreter would repeat the question in Dutch (good Dutch, but with an accent), and the man would answer in English, and the interpreter would translate the answer back into Italian for the reporter.

It’s typical of Dutch people to switch to English when they hear accented Dutch, it’s meant kindly, and when it stops happening it’s a sign your Dutch is getting good.


2 thoughts on “My Market is Famous

    • You are so right!

      When Dutch people started staying in Dutch I knew I’d reached a general level of language competence. Occasionally Dutch people still switch when they hear my accent, and then I wonder whether I screwed up a sentence!

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