The Marqt is Open

marqtThere’s a new supermarket in my neighbourhood, in addition to two Albert Heijns and a Jumbo. Marqt opened yesterday on Harlemmerstraat . I went there tonight – to research.

Their market positioning is quality; with a large range of products I haven’t seen in the other supermarkets, and many biological products available. They also have a range of upmarket prepared meals, the lentil casserole I tried tonight (all in the interests of research obviously) was fantastic. I notice a range of fresh pastas, a selection of “home-made” soups, a real fish counter and a range of gluten-free products (including pasta). I also saw various luxury food products I haven’t seen in other supermarkets.

But the most astonishing of all, after the rather vacant service I usually get at Albert Heijn supermarkets, was the friendly professional staff. Real people who know the produce and can talk about it (at least at the fish counter and the cheese bar).

There is a price difference, so I suspect this is not going to completely replace my weekend shop at the market, or my forays into the other supermarkets.

But it’s a welcome change. Almost like the supermarkets I’m used to.

Marqt is at Harlemmerstraat 165, opening hours are 9am-9pm Monday – Saturday, 10am-8pm Sunday.


One thought on “The Marqt is Open

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