A King

The Netherlands gets a King next week, the Queen abdicated back in January. This is normal under the Dutch constitution and does not cause the crisis that an abdication in England would cause.

So in honour of the new King there’s a new song, a “Koningsleid” (King’s Song).

If it sounds vaguely familiar to people in the Netherlands that might be because the songwriter, John Ewbank, is behind numerous Dutch hits, including many by Marco Borsato.

Only the song won’t be sung on the day of the coronation despite hitting the “top hits” in iTunes. There’s been a massive storm of protest, including complaints about the language used. A Dutch TV programme interviewed Wim Daniels, a Dutch columnist, who found errors in almost every line, including eight errors in one line of 9 words. He concludes; with such a song the country must drop the concept of integration courses. You can’t expect foreigners to learn Dutch if a national song has so many errors.

The outpouring of anger and irritation, including many people suggesting that the song is so bad it strengthens the republican movement, has meant that the songwriter has now withdrawn the song from public use, I think you can still buy it, but it won’t be part of the official celebrations.

A very Dutch outcome.


One thought on “A King

  1. is it still a very Dutch outcome now the song is back again? (but honestly, can we please just get this upset about actually worrying things that are going on in the world, instead of about a song??)

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