The Last Queen’s Day

banners line Amsterdam bridges for the coronation
We’re on the countdown until the last Queen’s Day. As usual there will be the vrijmarkt (free market) on Queen’s Day next Tuesday, but there will also be bigger parties than usual to celebrate the Coronation of the new king. He’ll be known as King Willem Alexander, and it’s the first time the Netherlands has had a king in more than a hundred years and he comes to the throne with less formal power than his predecessors. There are banners up around town to celebrate the coronation.

Around my neighbourhood chalk and tape adorns walls and pavements as people “book” their space for the free market.
Reserve space for Queen's Day
For a guide the day’s festivities check out Invading Holland. It’s too much partying for me – I’m leaving until it’s all over.


3 thoughts on “The Last Queen’s Day

  1. By the way it’s not last queens Day…this Day made by Queen Beatrix for her next years is queens Day too (i hope)
    I love your Blog and the pics on it. Keep it up…

  2. Hi Andree, next year we will celebrate Koningsdag (King’s Day). It will be the first time a King’s Day has ever been celebrated in the Netherlands as the tradition started with with Queen Wilhemina (the current King’s great grandmother) in 1885 when she was still a princess.

    Koningsdag will be celebrated on 27 March – the King’s birthday, except that next year 27 March is a Sunday so the observance is on the Saturday before.

    As the next three in line to the throne are girls we will have a Queen’s Day again – but hopefully not for many years!

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