A small library

1507littlelibraryI spotted a small library offering books or children’s toys on a wander near Sarpharti Park. The sign asks for a small donation to be put through the letterbox – or you can exchange a book.

It’s such a generous idea, I immediately wanted to donate the pile of books I’ve finished reading – I usually release books I no longer want into the wild via Bookcrossing.

There are “Little Free Libraries” all over the world, and although this is not registered as part of that scheme it’s a similar idea. There are five official Little Free Libraries listed in the Netherlands; Zutphen, Nijmegen, Delfgauw, and two in the Hague.

One thought on “A small library

  1. There is one also on Weesperzijde, Amsterdam. I just noticed it few weeks ago when riding by bike on that street, but didn’t stop to take a photo yet. I think they are a great idea!

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