Amsterdam Central – a New Station

Amsterdam Central Station is being renovated – it seems to be taking forever, and it’s hard to imagine what the final result will be. I found this – it looks really good. Just one question; I don’t see anything about where I will be parking my bike.

The commentary is all in Dutch – here are the highlights.

  • Amsterdam Central Station was designed by Cuypers and built between 1881 and 1891 and sits on a man-made island
  • new bus station on the Ij side of the station known as Busstation Ij-zijde will have one large platform with 24 bus stops around it
  • the island is now 30 m wider, and the new glass roof of the station is 230m long and 22m high
  • there’s a new main entrance, accessible directly from the bus platform
  • traffic goes via tunnel, leaving space for shops etc
  • on the lowest level there will be access to the Noordzuidlijn (North South Line) from 2017, and connection to the Eastern metro line
  • There will be a new area for taxis on the Ij side of the station, allowing travellers to wait in shelter
  • There will be a new shopping centre with restaurants etc
  • There will be access under the station from the city to the Ij, so that people can go through without an OV chip card

2 thoughts on “Amsterdam Central – a New Station

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