Ice Skating on Museumplein

It looks something like an Avercamp painting for the 21st century, there’s a skating rink outside the Rijksmuseum. It’s open air with a model “Magere Brug” across it. There were a lot of families there when I visited in the middle of the day, the kids were loving it, some were learning to skate behind a chair. Some were falling down a lot – but as they were generally put back on their feet by a patient parent within a minute it didn’t seem to bother them. Looks like fun.

It will be there right through winter
Entrance is 3 euro
Skate hire is 5 euro for 2 hours
It’s open 7 days a week 10 am to 8pm

With the following holiday timetable exceptions
24 December 10am – 5pm
25 December 11am – 10pm
26 December 10am – 10pm
31 December 10am – 6pm
1 January 11am – 10pm


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