King’s Day

It’s time to get ready for King’s Day.

This is the first King’s Day ever in the Netherlands. The traditional day was started with Queen Wilhelmina in 1885 and was then celebrated on her birthday in August, and we’ve had Queen’s ever since, until Willem-Alexander came to the throne last year.

He’s moved the celebrations from 30 April (Queen Juliana’s birthday, Queen Beatrix never shifted it ) to his birthday of 27 April; but that would be a Sunday and it’s never celebrated on a Sunday so – get ready for a lot of orange on Saturday 26th. I had to explain all of this to a Dutchman during the weekend, in Dutch, I reckon that’s my inburgeringscursis done.

The day’s events will be much the same – party at night, free market in the morning, orange everywhere. There will be the traditional royal visits, this year to Amstelveen and De Rijp.

Lots of the louder music parties are moved to larger venues such as the Olympic stadium, which is a relief for my neighbourhood although there will still be plenty of noise.

I’ve got a stack of books, and found a whole bunch of stuff I didn’t know I had at the back of my cupboard; I’ll wear my orange tiara and sell off the lot.


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