Saturday Market; in the rain

It rained all day yesterday, so going to the market was full of dampness, dodging umbrellas and drenchings as the water came off the roof of the stalls in a rush.

So I was quick and stuck to the basics; bread, cheese, fruit and veges.

artichokesI love summer vegetables, artichokes like these “petit violet” look so pretty in the market. But I’ve tried cooking them before and the amount edible for the effort put in was too low. Now I just admire them.

rhubarbBrilliant red rhubarb, this I did buy. I’ll stew it with some orange zest and orange juice, it’s good with yoghurt and crunchy muesli for breakfast.

cafecatWhen the rain got too much I went into a cafe for coffee, and made a new friend. Apparently he doesn’t belong in the cafe, but he visits and why not when there are warm laps to be found. He really didn’t want to move when I left.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Market; in the rain

    • I know, I swear the cat network has marked me in some way only cats can read. This one was seriously disgruntled when I made him move.

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