What is worse than dog shit?

Dog shit in a plastic bag.


Dog shit in a plastic bag has the advantage of not sticking to your foot if you step in it, but it doesn’t wash away in the rain and it doesn’t biodegrade. I honestly don’t get this – the dog owner has done the hard part, and then just left it there, as if carrying a sealed plastic bag a mere 30 metres to the nearest rubbish bin was way too much effort.

And now I am the crazy who photographs dog shit. Excellent.


4 thoughts on “What is worse than dog shit?

  1. Oh boy these dog owners are truly a pest! We have so many owners over here who don’t pick up after their dogs, and it’s so exasperating because grass grows really fast over here in Singapore and you can’t really see what exactly are you stepping into urgh!

  2. I equate them with smokers who flick their butts around, or worse, empty their car ash trays onto the ground..yuk, yuk, yuk. In my naive and younger days, I found a plastic bag with what looked to me something suspicious inside, I dutifully took it to the police station only to be hideously embarressed to find out what it really was…

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