Driver’s Licence

I’ve been here so long I need to renew my driver’s licence (they last 10 years).

I managed to make it hard for myself by screwing up the first step – twice. Meaning that I had to request a new DigiD twice. DigiD is the government online identification that lets you complete applications, requests, tax returns etc online.

The next step was to find out whether I was “geschikt”, or “suitable” to be given a licence. According to the CBR, responsible for administering Dutch Driver’s licences,  I am.

Then I needed to get a passport photo; for which I had to re-arrange my hair (apparently you must show your ears) and then re-arrange my face (apparently you must not show a smile).

With all of that done I went off to lodge my application at the Gemeente (Townhall/city council). In the Netherlands a lot of national documents, including passports, are administered by the city councils. The actual lodging of the application was quick and painless – and cost 38 euro. It’ll be ready in five days. Hurrah.

driversqueueHowever the waiting to lodge my application took a while, about forty minutes. To add to the fun the ticket number the receptionist gave me was “L434”, and there are tickets in the “D”, “O”, “K” series, so it was a bit hard to judge how long I would wait.  I got there just after 9am, and when I left just before 10am the waiting room was busy and there was a queue at reception. So I recommend getting there as early as possible – the office opens at 8.30.

Bonus points for me – I did the whole thing in Dutch. Goen gedaan, toch!

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