Only in Amsterdam

morningI stopped at a favourite cafe for real coffee this morning on my way to work. Something to fortify me for the day to come.

The cafe I choose happened to be opposite a coffee shop. I noticed a very nice, clean-cut couple trying to get into the coffee shop and being surprised that it was shut. For the unitiated coffee shops in Amsterdam sell marijuana either as joints for smoking or in hash cookies. This was at about 8.30 – I don’t know what time it usually opens but my guess is that coffee shop customers aren’t generally friends of mornings.

The couple didn’t look like the usual clientele, but tourists try anything once I guess.

After trying the door, the couple walked on, into the cafe I was in and ordered a cappuccino and an espresso.

I didn’t tell them.

Image; Dampkring / Michael Delany / CC BY SA 2.0


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