The Light Fantastic; Amsterdam Light Festival

Looking for something spectacular to do on a cold dark night? Take a canal trip through the Amsterdam Light Festival, the creations are amazing, some expressing social commentary and some just for fun. It’s a bit of an obstacle course for the boats as well which adds to it. Here’s a highlight video produced for the festival.

I went last week with some colleagues. We managed to pick the worst night to do it, there had been a day of high wind and some of the exhibits had become a little unplugged. However it was still great fun. My photos from the night are below – taken from a rain soaked moving boat so not the best.

My favourites were the ghost ship, which is constructed from lights projecting on panels of water and changes as you move around it, and Tulip Mania, which has submerged tulips that rise up when people on the shore pump bicycle pumps. A special mention for the interactivity of the 178 Bottles 1 Message exhibit, which picks up the nationality of nearby visitors and projects their national flag (it’s based on the “nationality” of their phone).

Amsterdam light festival is on until 18 January, and you can view the exhibits by boat (for about 20 euro) or for free by walking through the city.

I liked it so much I am planning to go again!

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