Back to the Beginning; 10 Years of Blogging

anniversary10My very first blog post included a photograph from this shop, 10 years ago.

In the intervening 10 years the shop has got scruffier. I heard from a taxi driver born in the neighbourhood that it used to be owned by the current occupant’s father who had a great interest in glasses. He ran the shop, and a more lucrative business renting glasses to various photo shoots, films and tv productions. After he died his son inherited, but although he runs the business he seems to have little interest in it.

I’ve published more than 600 posts and my top viewed post is about the day I was surprised to find a Russian submarine in Amsterdam harbour. Most people find my blog via search engines, and the best referring site is I Am Expat. For 2015 most visitors have been from the Netherlands, followed by USA, UK, Germany and Canada.

To all of you dank je wel, thank you, thank you, danke schön, and thank you.



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