Open Garden Days

This weekend is the “Amsterdam Open Garden Days” event, when 29 of Amsterdam’s hidden gardens are open to the public. By hidden gardens I mean the ones at the centre of each block of Amsterdam, hidden from the street. Here’s a satellite view of the Amnesty International garden where I started my stroll, the red outline shows the area I had access to on that visit – it’s actually three interconnected gardens two of which are privately owned.

Hidden Garden Amnesty InternationalMany of the gardens are connected to companies, or NGOs, but a number are private gardens, it’s a real delight to explore this hidden side of Amsterdam, here are some highlights from Friday. (Scroll over to see garden notes – the numbers correspond to the garden numbers in the Event Guide)

To visit the gardens you need a “passe partout” which you can purchase at any of the starting points for 20 euro, tickets are valid for all three days. The gardens are open on all three days from 10am to 5pm. Take with you some bottled water and some small change, a number of the gardens offer tea coffee and snacks for  Advice for next year; you can buy tickets in advance and that gives you a 20% discount. The money raised goes to the Canal Gard Fund (part of Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds).


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