The Dutch celebration of New Years Eve is to set thousands of euros worth of fireworks alight. It’s a lot of fun, but it also gets a bit crazy in the city. Here’s what to do if it gets just too crazy near you.

For Amsterdam the legal time to let off fireworks is 6pm 31 December 2016 to 2am 1 January 2017. But they’ve started early in my neighbourhood. The fireworks can get noisy, annoying or dangerous. You can report any issues with fireworks via the City Council. I’ve translated the instructions from their website;

You can report issues with fireworks in two ways.

    • Online via a form (The form is only in Dutch)
    • by telephone – 14 020


The fireworks hotline registers issues with fireworks and takes action. The nuisance issues including fireworks let off outside the legal time: that is on New Years Eve from 6pm to 2am on new year’s day.

You can also report nuisance from fireworks rubbish, feelings of insecurity, smell, noise and vandalism. The reports are picked up as soon as possible.

Where there is serious danger, where lives may be at risk, and where immediate action must be taken by the police please contact the police directly on phone 112.

It’s also forbidden to let off fireworks in the immediate vicinity of fireworks sales depots, zoos, petting zoos, animal shelters and riding schools.

Illegal fireworks
Transport and storage of illegal fireworks is dangerous. Report this by calling the police on 0900-8844 or 0800-7000 Report Crime Anonymously.

You can also report fireworks nuisance online, but this only contributes data to a map – there’s no action taken.

Here’s the map at 5pm on 30 December. (I’ll post the “after” option on Sunday)

fireworks reported

And here’s the map updated at 4.30pm on 1 January, reports have at least doubled.



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