Monday Market; Buttons, Ribbon and Fabric

Saturday’s market is all about food, Monday’s market is all about fabric and what my grandmother would have called “notions”, all the trimmings of a sewing project. She worked in a button factory, hence my fascination with buttons.


Saturday Market; Tomato Heaven!

Market tomatoesIs your mouth watering?

Mine was as soon as I saw these beautiful tomatoes. I couldn’t resist, they were my “treat for the week”. So I wanted to make something that would highlight the tomato-goodness and retain the fantastic colours; bruschetta!

I roughly diced the tomatoes, added salt, pepper, finely chopped basil and a good glug of good olive oil, set aside for half an hour. Toast slices of ciabatta, peel a garlic clove and cut it in half, rub onto the toast, top with the tomato mix and eat immediately (before the bread gets soggy!).

Saturday Market – Treats!

After my usual shop I went across to the Noordermarkt for some treats.

Raspberries! One of the joys of summer is the berries, and of all the berries raspberries are my favourite. This stand on the Noordermarkt has all sorts of incredibly delicious Raspberry products; baked goods, salad dressings, sauces and jams. They’re seriously yummy, I bought jam and sauce.

NTRaspberryHerbs! I also stocked up on the Amsterdam’s best pesto from the herb guy; also got a bunch of good peppery rucola and some fresh flat-leaf parsley. I did not get any roast garlic, it looks fantastic but I’m not sure what to do with it.


Saturday Market; Bread

This is the bread van for one of the stalls on the Noordermarkt on Saturdays. I must have seen this van hundreds of times, but I never really looked at it. Yesterday I did, the image on the truck includes the Noorderkerk now in the background of this photo, the street in the middle of the photo on the van is street on the left of the photo disappearing behind the church. The alignment’s not perfect but you get the idea.

They had warm olive bread available to taste. It was good – but I settled on my usual dark loaf and some apple beignets.


Saturday Market – the knives are sharpened

knife sharpeningI found out last week that the guy at one of the fish stalls at the Saturday Market will also sharpen your knives for a very reasonable 3 euro. So I took two down, one was very blunt – and now I can slice tomatoes again.

One of his colleagues told me not to go starting any fights now that I had sharp knives!

Saturday Market Madness

marketcupcakesIn the lead up to Queen’s Day – incidentally the last Queen’s Day we’ll be having for a while –  the market has produced these themed treats. The Dutch flag, lots of orange, and crown.

Saturday Market – fun in the rain

Yesterday it rained, non-stop all morning, the stall owners were all still there as this should be one of the big selling days as next week is Sinterklaas, the Dutch celebration of Saint Nicholas’ day that eclipses Christmas in many families.They’d come up with ingenious solutions to provide more shelter, but occasionally you heard great splashes as water brought down tarpaulins.

I couldn’t manage an umbrella as well as my shopping so I wore a hat and tried to stay under the awnings of the stalls. On the plus side it was less crowded, but much less fun.