Dutch Links


There are enough foreigners in the Netherlands to warrant a couple of news sources in English, so here they are. If you know of others, let me know!

Expatica – started for expats, it includes relocation info, classified ads
and a lively discussion forum.

Dutch News – Pure News, with a subscription feature.

Simply Amsterdam News – this site translates the main items of Dutch news

Dutch newspapers online – mostly in Dutch

Tourist Info

Amsterdam Info – general information, written by locals in a bunch of languages. There’s also a hotel booking service.

Your Little Black Book – hotspots, events, cool places all around Amsterdam

Working in the Netherlands

Jobs in Amsterdam – professional jobs for English speakers
Undutchables – professional jobs for non-Dutch speakers
XpatJobs – collates all jobs from other agencies

Expat.com – working and living in the Netherlands


Expat Law – Dutch immigration in plain English
IND – Immigration and Naturalisation Service, the official site (now in English)


When I started learning Dutch there were few online resources, back then the text books were also pretty horrible. Since then there’s been a growth in the Dutch-as-a-second-language industry, prompted by the government’s integration programme which requires new migrants and “old comers” to learn Dutch.

Here are the Dutch language resources online that I’ve found so far.

Dutch Grammar – focus on the grammar
Taal Thuis – “language at home” one of the first sites I think, not the easiest site to use but some good exercises
Omniglot – list of courses and links
Verbix – tool to conjugate Dutch verbs
Official Website – “one language three countries” referring to Netherlands, Belgium and Suriname
The Alternative Dutch Dictionary – rude words and curses, usually the first stuff people want to learn.


5 thoughts on “Dutch Links

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