Celebrate Gay Pride

This weekend Amsterdam will celebrate Gay Pride , including the famous canal parade on Saturday. If you’re not sure what to expect here are my posts on gay pride from previous years.

The basics are; performers on boats going along Prinsengracht, starting at the Haarlemmerstraat end at about 1.30pm. Crowds lining the canals to cheer their support.

Businesses around town show their support, often using the rainbow symbol. This is from SeeMe on Haarlemmerstraat.



Ai! Amsterdam

I’ve seen a few of these signs around town and wondered what they related to. Today I took a look at the website to find out what it’s all about. The name is a play on the “I Amsterdam” name used for the campaign by the city council to promote Amsterdam.

They’ve produced a manifesto which lists the actions and rules produced by the city councilĀ  that they find problematic.

  • Only possible to drink outside if you have a seat – so no standing at terraces
  • Reduction in opening hours
  • No heating on outdoor terraces
  • Ridiculous penalties on cafe/bar/restaurant owners.

Their philosophy is that Amsterdam has always been an open and tolerant city, and should remain so, which I can agree with. However the city has to be ‘livable’ for everyone and I’m a little fed up with drunk people shouting and screaming outside my house, and the terraces around here often expand right across the road with crowds of hundreds drinking outside till rather late – meanwhile people live in the apartments above.

I agree with the city council’s ruling that there shouldn’t be heating on the outside terraces – but more out of environmental concerns than anything else.

So although I don’t agree with everything the city council has come up with I’m a long way from signing up to the Ai! Amsterdam manifesto.

Picture 9 The photoshopped version of the famous I Amsterdam sign on museumplein.