Rijksmuseum Summer Garden

Every summer the Rijksmuseum garden turns into a sculpture exhibit. This year the works are by Jean Dubuffet and from the Stedelijk Museum’s collection. The sculptures are bold, colourful, playful perfect for summer. Here are my two favourites from the gardens this year.

Arbre Biplan (version III)

“Tree Biplane”, this is the first large scale sculpture he made and he was still experimenting with the epoxy materials to find ways to make large scale sculpture. I walked around this several times, because there’s no symmetry the view changes, I love the contrast of the random shape of the sculpture against the formal architecture of the museum.

Le Deviseur I (The Chatterer)

He looks like he’s ready to chat, but there’s also something throne like about his chair. This is a sculpture I would love to have – in the fantasy garden of my fantasy mansion.

The exhibition is in the gardens until the 1 October 2017. There are also daily workshops for kids in a marquee in the garden (probably in Dutch, but hey it’s a craft project kids can figure out instructions). If you want to see more Dubuffet Stedelijk Museum is also exhibiting paintings from its collection (until 24 Sept).



Tulip Watch

I planted tulips again this year, I replanted the pink ones from last year and added some new ones that should flower at a slightly different time, just for fun. They’ve popped up above the earth and are growing. Can’t wait for spring!

Tulips Revealed

The tulips I planted back in December have flowered, they’ve been stunning.

The one that appears white in the photo is actually a delicate pink, and the yellow one turns out to be variegated white and purple. They’ve been a joy to watch, and are sadly at the end of their blooming period.

Ah well, there’s always next year.

Tulip Watch 2010 #1

Or more accurately bulb watch, since I didn’t plant these, and I ‘ve no idea what the bulbs are.

I didn’t even realise anything was in this plant pot until they popped up last week. They’re now 3-5 cm tall.

It’s going to be interesting.

Bird’s Nest

This group of colourful bird boxes are on the wall of an apartment building on Goudebloemstraat in the Jordaan.They look great – but don’t seem to appeal to birds, I’ve never seen them in use.