Tourists in the Netherlands 1956

Came across this old video clip of tourism in the Netherlands filmed in 1956, I’ve translated the text below the video. In those days you booked hotels by visiting the Tourist Centres – no Expedia, TripAdvisor, or internet to help you.

It is market day in Delft, a place that is still in the Netherlands.

[lots of languages]

Yes, many foreign languages are spoken in our country, particularly in summer, when around a million tourists stream into the Netherlands.

They cross the border at many points, and head in many directions. Some places are really popular, the souvenirs all too often give a strange impression of the Netherlands, but they find willing buyers.

Also on the north sea coast, where they haven’t seen the sun so often this summer, even so the foreign visitors look for bathing places.

There is great interest in our famous buildings, such as the Freedom Palace in the Hague.

Also in the miniature is there Madurodam where visitors can get a good overview of our country.

Every tourist takes a boat trip around one of our big harbours – here in Rotterdam for example.

Also the beauties of Amsterdam can be admired from the water.

One business that does really work in the summer months, are the photo shops. Tourists that don’t take photographs can buy images from the places they’ve visited on their holiday.

The Rijksmuseum has a Rembrandt exhibition (note car driving through the museum arches!) and has had 300,000 visitors, of which 200,000 were foreigners.

Finding somewhere to stay is not always easy for tourists, workers at the travel agencies must work a lot of overtime. Tourists who try to find their own room are often disappointed.

Recently there has been an increase in a new sort of accommodation; the Motel. A place where tourists can stay along with their car, under the same roof.

There are also tourists who don’t suffer from the accommodation problem – they bring their house with them. And they stay together in caravan parks such as this one in Zaandvort.

Every day Dutch businesses bring in large amounts of money, last year tourism brought in about 200 million guilders. That is 50 times more than before the war.

Tourism is therefore an important source of income for our country and so the border stays open for more tourists.

I’m living in the city of cool!

OK, they’re talking about Holland for the first 1.27, but most of the images are from Amsterdam.

Besides “I’m living in the northern province of cool” doesn’t have the same catchiness as a title.


You may have heard, there’s a volcanic eruption that’s halted almost all air travel across Europe. The hundreds of passengers stranded at Schiphol have been doing their best to entertain themselves – as this video from Schiphol TV shows.

Night Four at Schiphol

Night Four at Schiphol

I’m sure not all passengers are as happy as the ones shown but I think it’s interesting to see some people’s attitude to what must be a bit of an ordeal – by the end of the movie I almost wished I was there. Almost.

(I did try to embed the video but couldn’t, using Vodpod only gave me the latest video not the one I was looking for. I have asked Schiphol tv for their help – but if anyone has any bright ideas please let me know in the comments below.)

Celebs on Amsterdam

Everybody loves Amsterdam! Except possibly Hugh Grant….

(The video comes from the I Amsterdam website)