Handmade – Quick Christmas Gift

I’m so pleased with how this turned out, and it’s super quick so still possible to knit one for someone’s special Christmas present.

You will need

100g Chunky wool
6mm circular needles with a short cord, you might still need to use magic loop to knit the neck
30cm narrow ribbon, I used 12 mm wide satin ribbon.

Cast on 45 stitches

Join the circle using the invisible joining method, which will leave you with 44 stitches in the round.

Rib the neck of hotwater bottle cover by knitting two stitches then purling two stitches, continue for six centimetres, or the length of the bottle’s neck.

Increase one stitch using the yarn over method between each purl stitch in the pair, this creates small eyelets in your work, you will use these to thread the ribbon through on finishing. Total of 55 stitches

Knit in the round for 27 cm, or the length of your hot water bottle.

Cast off, I used the three needle method so that I closed the bottom of the hotwater cover, and I did it with the wrong sides facing so that I got a detail row of stitches across the base of the cover. But if you don’t like this method, cast off in the round and stitch the cover closed, or use Kitchener stitch.

Thread the ribbon through the holes you created and tie a pretty bow.

The wool I used was from Cross & Woods, dyed by Yipee Yarn for them, and the colour is Witches’ Cauldron.

I chose it because it made me think of heather on Scottish hills, but now I find myself referring to the hotwater bottle as “my little nighttime cauldron”.


Party on Ice

I went for a walk on the ice last night, and saw a group having a party. There were a lot of people skating or walking, kids with toboggans, and dogs. Really a great atmosphere.

Almost worth suffering the cold weather.