Pimp My Bike #31

I was wandering home and spotted this bike, I was amused at the makeshift figurehead so I pulled out my phone and took this photo.

The bikes owner came up to me and told me I had to pay him fifty cents saying “it’s my property”.

I refused on the basis that it’s “on the street, in public.

He then demanded that I delete the photo. I declined, but promised to publish the photo. So, here it is. The figurehead bike.


Pimp My Bike #30

The festive edition – spotted on Westerstraat just in time for Christmas.
reindeer motorbike

Pimp my Bike #29

Summer floral edition; spotted on Haarlemmerdijk yesterday.


Pimp My Bike #28

The Marilyn edition, spotted in the weekend on Nieuwezijdskolk. pimpbike28

Pimp My Bike #27

bikepimpoct2015A home paint job gives this bike some snazzy stripes. You can see the advantage of pimping your bike when see the “usual” black bikes surrounding this one.

Pimp My Bike #26

pimp_bikeBright stripes – emulating the catalan flag.

Also note the tourist standing in the middle of the cycle track in the background, he was busy reading a map.

Pimp My Bike #25

batbike2For the non-Dutch a bike with the wooden crate in the front is a “bakfiets”. This might be my favourite bike pimp post of all time.